Thursday, September 27, 2007

Disunity and politics

So it's that time once again... election fever is on the rise and with it starts the divisions of families, parting of friends, and A** kissing of running political candidates. With all this happening around me I sit back and think about what type of world we could be in if there were nor career politicians. What would things be like if every single person of age was eligible to be elected (I said elected not run) there were no debates, no campaign speeches, no rallies or other fervor raising activities of individuals tooting their own horn or allowing others to toot their horn.
What if everyone could choose say five (5) individuals per position and the people with the most votes are elected. But there couldn't be any electioneering of any kind. BY the way in my fantasy world these peoples salaries would not be paid by public funds, they would still have to hold a regular job in the private sector or have some other source of income (rentals, business owned etc). The only way people would be voted for is by their ACTIONS. Actions and deeds. Actions that were genuine and not politically motivated.

Hmm this looks like I am dreaming of a part time administration of elected officials. This looks like a scenario where all campaigning funds would not be wasted and could be possibly used to develop our community. This looks like a dream.

I am reminded of something I read on unity.


Consort with all the peoples, kindreds and religions of the world with the utmost truthfulness, uprightness, faithfulness, kindliness, good-will and friendliness; that all the world of being may be filled with the holy ecstasy of the grace of Baha, that ignorance, enmity, hate and rancor may vanish from the world and the darkness of estrangement amidst the peoples and kindreds of the world may give way to the Light of Unity. (Abdu'l-Baha, Baha'i World Faith - Abdu'l-Baha Section, p. 445)


I personally have a long way to go to fulfill those attributes, but I try.

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