Monday, September 17, 2007


and so the minions are hard at work (see post Sept 12th) trying to keep things from working smoothly and efficiently. When will our Government realize that quality and efficiency mean streamlining the process. More people does not necessarily equate to better services (Not that I want anyone to lose a job) but at least get those people to provide service not pass the buck on to the next guy.

On a lighter side maybe for a better future we hire fewer people and put money into training and technological tools they can use.


the anti-blogger said...

they say that "religion is an opiate for the masses", but I really think that bureaucracy is the drug that has most government agencies in a drunken stupor!

James said...

Are you saying that our Government is High? That would explain soo much.

the anti-blogger said...

the minions are hard at work building obstacles to progress, especially the "wet behind the ears" managers who are exalted beyond measure by the sheer fact that they have a college degree, never mind that their only real job was making sandwiches at subway.