Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who am I?

Who am I

Chamorro born, Spanish raised.

I am the answer to the past

I ask the questions for the future

Salt flows in my veins, hot as fire

The winds blow my hair, feeding that flame

I am power, so long as i believe

I am strength, so long as I live

My Father is the maker, the All Mighty Creator

My mother is the earth, the one provider

He gives me power and wisdom

She gives me strength and faith

He feeds my soul and heart

She feeds my body and wind.

I am the tree that stands alone

The island on which it stands

I am the stone unmovable

The strength it possesses.

I am the ocean pure and blue

The life it produces

I am the winds unseen

The fury or love it gives

I am the seasons unpredictable

The forgiveness or scorn it sows.

Who am I

Chamorro born, Spanish raised

I am the Oceans, Winds, Clouds and rains

I am the rocks, the sands, the trees and animals

I have anger uncontrolled

I am a savage, out of his time

I have learned from books and life

I am who I am

My blood carries the salt from the seas and runs hotter than the sun

My blood has tasted the wild winds and carries life’s promises

My blood is red, like nature’s poisons.

It runs freer than water

My blood carries the strength of the Earth

I am that strength in a man

My blood is primitive and savage

I am a savage, yet learned from books

My blood carries ancient memories

I am the answer to those memories

My blood carries the futures promises

I am that future, this is who I am.


Brad said...

James, you wrote these when you were 17? Wow...that's pretty impressive. I really like them and now I understand the origin of the blog name.

James said...

Thank you. I went through a rough period in my teen years and for a short time I used poetry to help focus.

Brad said...

Thanks for sharing them...they are really good.