Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another Weekend...

ok so it's been awhile since my last post. what has been going on.. I spent most of Saturday looking over a house I am interested in purchasing. it looks like a good deal except for the condition of the electrical wiring of the house. I want to do some expansions (add a dining room) since the kitchen is too small to have more than 4 people in it around a table.

On another note. has anyone noticed how many people are leaving the CNMI? I mean come on, things will not get better just because you move away. There are problem all over the world and moving just places you into a new environment with new stresses.

Elections are coming up.. Enough Said!!

Work is doing fine. the website I was working on is up. Please feel free to visit.

I have nt gone diving in quite a few weeks. I think that the community of people that I live in is taking for granted that there is more to life that the land. I plan on diving next weekend. Anyone interested in joining me? no destination yet. I hope to link up with a few people I was diving with in the past.

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