Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shop till you drop....

Ahhhhh... That is the sound of my feet after sitting down just now. Why? you ask.. well I am in Guam today with some coworkers. Yeah!! After arriving on Guam (we are in meetings all day tomorrow (Friday the 7th of Sept) Oops make that today) we promptly checked into hotel and had lunch... Where? Of course at Denny's!! Duh why ask? Isn't that where every Saipanese goes to eat first? Oh wait... How about TACO BELL!!! Oh no the TexMex from Hell!!
Well what did we do afterward? Go to the museum or take in the sights? NO WAY!! Time TO SHOP till you drop. So from 2pm until 6pm we went to: First Hawaiian Bank, Micronesian Mall (Macys {Don't ask}, Kaybe Toy Store, Macys, walked around, ROSS, Bestsellers at GPO, ROSS again. Ate dinner at Lone Star, if you ever eat there I highly recommend the 20oz T-Bone Steak with a Baked potato and Salad. Then we went to KMART. The "Black Hole of Time" on Guam... What an adventure. Fighting through hoards of people parking then floating with the flow of people going into the store and mindlessly walking the aisles looking like Zombies from "Shawn of the Dead" (Funny movie by the way) for a mind Blowing TWO (2) HOURS. Oh My God I need to get a grip on how I spend my time. 2 hours in a single store.
I wish I could saw I purchased many things but alas I found a single pair of Jeans and a pair of shoes as well as a watch for a gift. 3 items in 2 hours, 120 minutes, 7200 seconds. That is longer that any dive I have ever been on. Hell that is longer that most movies I have seen recently.
The next time you go to Guam (or anywhere else for that matter) think of how you spend your time. I just realized I spent more time in a shopping center of some type today that I normally spend doing some sort of physical exercise (those of you that know me can stop snickering now).
I truly wish I had a more productive day... But on the bright side. I spent time getting to know some of my co-workers and developing a bond of friendship outside of the workplace. Maybe it was not such a waste of a day after all....

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Boni said...

You forgot to mention Lone Star, the texas two step and medium well steaks! It was fun getting to know you guys.