Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Working Stiff

Have you ever woken up and felt totally out of sorts? If you haven't then more power to you. This morning woke up with pain in my shoulder and a twinge in my neck. AAARRRGGG I totally feel pain when I turn my head. oh well.. such is the pain of life. I am seriously contemplating another trip to the acupuncturist. I'll let you know if I do that and how it goes. The last time I went they stuck 36 needles in my back, head, legs, hands, and feet. Now why they put them in my feet I do not know. I went in cause of a pain in my neck (not my kids :-) and the kind lady made me stand up and she poked and prodded my back asking me "does it hurt there?" I of course said some but not like my back. She then proceeded to have me lay down and pricked me with needles over and over again after about the 10th I asked "why so many needles?" and she told me that my back nerves were heavy (obviously not from work) and she was going to fix me. I woke up about 30 minutes later when they started pulling out the needles from the sensitive point on the back of my heel, OUCH!!!
I did feel less pain about hours later, but the best part was all those little pains in the back (not the kids dammit!) were gone and I felt like a new man. So that is why when I feel pain in my back or shoulders I contemplate returning to do my impression of a pin cushion.

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